Saturday 6 September 2014

Max Bygraves

The late great Max had this as a byline "I wanna tell you a story" but I leave it to the imagination of the reader as to the truth of it.

1992 Brooke Marine ceased trading*1

1993 The Trustee in Bankruptcy (Anthony William Mudd deceased) sold all the plant and machinery by auction*1

1997 Flight Services SA was incorporated in Switzerland*2

1997 Flight Services SA become the proud owner of "Land at South Shipyard, Heath Road, Lowestoft" 18 hectares of the former Brooke Marine*3

December 2002 Terry Painter, in front of TDC stated He (Shaun Keegan) recently purchased 50 acres of land in Lowestoft on the waterfront” 

January 2006 SFP Ventures (UK) ltd incorporated. Accountants the Mudd Partnership based in  Billericay Essex

September 2006 SFP Ventures (UK) ltd sign a Development Agreement (DA) with TDC for 

January 2008 Proposal put to Waveney Planning department by CKS Developments Ltd*5 for housing at Brooke Marine Link here

September 2009 New DA signed between Keegan (SFP) and TDC. Due diligence has revealed that SFP Ventures use the business address of Brooke Business Park where Karen Louise Haylock is the manager*4

21/8/2013 Golden Balls email  link here

November 2013 unconfirmed story says Cardy bid to take over Pleasurama rejected by TDC

Spring 2014 Waveney Council confirm site at Brooke Marine to have outline permission for residential

August 2014 TDC accept that if Cardy buy SFP Ventures (UK) Ltd from the current owner then they will deal with Cardy over the development

September 2014 proposal to Cabinet to accept Cardy should they complete purchase
Coincidentally Assael a leading firm of architects were commissioned by Cardy Construction Ltd to design 850 houses on the former Brooke Marine link here

Wheels within wheels, links within links, deals within deals. The coincidences mount up and Ramsgate's future seems to be the last thought in the mind of developers.

Why does the son in law of the current developer set up a company called Flight Services SA to buy from his accountant land which could have as easily be done with a UK registered Company?

How is it the client instructing a leading firm of Architects is a building firm in Canterbury when the legal owner of the land is a Swiss firm headed by a man who lives in Stutton, Suffolk?

There may be other questions and the answers to the above are probably perfectly legitimate and maybe just confusing to others. 

I hope that this doesn't all end in tears for a reputable building firm based in Canterbury

*1 Re: Brook Business Park

Brooke Yachts International ceased trading in 1992.
The Receivers were A W Mudd of Billericay Essex.
In 1993 all equipment and items to do with shipbuilding were auctioned.
The site was sold and the current owners (not known) revenue is provided from mooring fees and the letting of buildings etc.
No new structures have been erected.
The future of the site as laid out in the local plan is for mostly residential development.
Peter Hansford,
Brooke Archivist 25/6/2013


*5 Spokesperson Shaun Keegan in the article however CKS Developments ltd (05999282)  has one real person as director Louise Karen Haylock. addendum 15 May 2012
Return Of Final Meeting In Creditors’ Voluntary Winding-up

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Questions around the offshore Terry and Shaun companies haven't been asked. Nor who were their TDC supporters for so many years?