Saturday 23 August 2014

position paper

TDC dealing with this is still rumbling on with no end in sight. With the lack of a LongStop date (who on earth made that mistake.) and seemingly no will (or money) to get their solicitors to own up, it is doubtful we will find out whether it was incompetency or collusion.

The latest options will be discussed in Cabinet at Cecil Square on the 11th September, David Green making the following comment on Facebook "Barry is right, there will be a paper before TDC Cabinet on the 11th September which will discus various options. This will be published shortly and will not be confidential. Cabinet will not duck making a decision. We expect the decision what ever it is will be "called in" to the scrutiny committee,which will allow a full discussion."

This will be  194 days since the failed Development agreement ceased, and it is beyond time since Shaun Keegan was rightly told to ride off into the sunset and take the rest of his mates with him.

The cliff face is getting worse and the patience of Ramsgate is wearing thin. As soon as the paper is available it will be posted so enough people can see whether the right choices are made