Monday 6 February 2017

Stopping up order

Kent County Council are applying for a court order to re-designate a piece of highway to enable clear title on the piece of land as shown on this title map.
Why is this important is because currently the area marked in pink is still designated as a roundabout and highway because when they moved the roundabout up towards the tunnels in 2007 the legal work to change its designation should have been completed at the same time.

The original site
This shows the work being carried out 2007-8 clearly marked is the old road, carpark and roundabout
This shot is from the new roundabout by the tunnels showing the line of the promenade and where the original boundary line.

By 2009-10 this boundary had been moved to where it is today and at the same time Cardy decided to "borrow" some of the promenade to place their site huts. This actually saved them money as the promenade made a more substantial support for the huts

The last picture, courtesy of Michael Child's blog shows that the installation of the wall was in addition to the original boundary wall being erected.

Now why is this important:
1. It shows that KCC, who built the new roundabouts, have allowed Cardy to build on their highway and it shows that they were incompetent in allowing this to occur.
2. It also shows that when the site freehold was transferred to Cardy Ramsgate Ltd in 2016 part of the land being transferred was still a designated highway.
It also means that when this stopping up order is achieved then there will be nothing stopping the freeholders selling it on with extant Planning Permission.
From this
To this
I know which is best for Ramsgate.