Saturday 29 June 2013

So What has SPK developed Part 2

He recently purchased 50 acres of land in Lowestoft on the waterfront” 

This last stated by Terry Painter in December 2002 however again this statement is a long way from the truth.

Re: Brook Business Park

Brooke Yachts International ceased trading in 1992.
The Receivers were A W Mudd of Billericay Essex.
In 1993 all equipment and items to do with shipbuilding were auctioned.
The site was sold and the current owners (not known) revenue is provided from mooring fees and the letting of buildings ect.
No new structures have been erected.
The future of the site as laid out in the local plan is for mostly residential development.
Peter Hansford,
Brooke Archivist 25/6/2013
Current owners of the site freehold are Flight Services SA (incorporated in Geneva 3rd October 1997) who is owned 100% by Colin Hill who stands to make a large sum of money as the site is up for residential development under the local plan (540 residences)
Anthony William Mudd was the insolvency practitioner and when he died in 2000 his firm of accountants became the Mudd Partnership who coincidentally happens to be Colin Hill and Shaun Patrick Keegan’s accountants.
Further there is a link to a company named Port Properties Corporation ltd who have the same accountants and where Karen Louise Haylock happens to be a director. (She was also a director at Peterborough United Football club between 29th Apr 2003 and 14th Nov 2003 at the same time as Shaun Keegan.
So again instead of Shaun Patrick Keegan being the developer we have Colin Hill the real mastermind behind another development where the beneficial owner is a Swiss based company who hadn’t just purchased the land

Now does that not seem coincidental?

Saturday 22 June 2013

So what has Shaun Patrick Keegan ever developed

So what has Shaun Patrick Keegan actually developed?
In December 2002 Terry Painter stated “He is currently developing 280 apartments and villas in Portugal and is actively seeking investment and development opportunities in the UK.  He recently purchased 50 acres of land in Lowestoft on the waterfront, and is also developing 60 town houses on the River Colne in Colchester
On the 18th April 2013 in a full Council meeting Alan Poole stated “The sole shareholder of this company has been involved in numerous projects through other companies since 1987 in a number of different roles within the development process including: House builds and refurbishments at Thetford, several around Ipswich, Camspsea Ashe, Coddenham, Elmsett, Rougham, Wrentham, Stutton and others around Suffolk, as well as Hackney, Colchester and Burwell. In addition, there have been offices and warehousing, a hospital wing at Bury St Edmunds, a factory unit at Colchester, and a new technology complex at Framlingham
Ignoring the fact that these lists do not contain any specific addresses, which makes verifying difficult, there is a nugget of information allowing some to be identified.
“a new technology complex at Framlington”
Surprise, surprise no sign of Keegan or Hill ever on the board of directors of the Technology Complex however there is a name on the list of directors I recognise, Kim Featherstone, who was announced in December 2002 as the preferred builder of Pleasurama and also co-director of Lockins Construction Ltd along with Karen Louise Haylock and Keith Cousins (Colin Hill’s business partner), coincidentally the registered address used is Shaun Keegan’s accountant’s address (the only time Kim uses the Lakeview address).
Strange that this is on the list seeing as it is a small village in Suffolk where, according to a contact, little happens but coincidentally this is where Colin Hill resides in a £15M 10 bedroom mansion (called Stutton House) which has recently undergone a major refurbishment.
Also coincidentally, according to the electoral roll, until fairly recently the residence of Jennifer and Natalie Wood, the partner of Shaun Keegan, residing at the “Coach House” which lies in the grounds of Stutton House.
When more comes to light I will carry on here.

Tuesday 18 June 2013

The money man controlling SFP and Shaun Patrick Keegan - Serial "property developer" COLIN HILL

So what does the internet say about Colin Hill the "businessman"
Born in 1954
Colin Hill, a millionaire listed in the Sunday Times Rich List, has been criticised of ‘a fraud in equity’ in trying to take the home of a 95 year old widow. According to the Sunday Times Rich List, Mr Hill is said to be worth £200 million pounds, with a Suffolk mansion said to be worth £15 million.
"The judgment of the court is devastating for Colin Hill – although not a criminal sanction or criminal matter, the court has essentially called the whole matter a ‘fraud’. Mr Hill is said to be a businessman. This case had almost nothing to do with business, and appears more like theft of a pensioner’s house. One has to ask how Mr Hill managed this."
“He is a self made property developer, who doesn’t like football” these are the words of Barry Fry manager of Peterborough United. Well he certainly likes the land attached to football clubs. Other clubs his name has been linked to:
With brother Garry and business partner Keith Cousins.
Educated at a Grammar school in North London
Lives in a 10 bed mansion in Stutton, Suffolk.
Even on his official CV (below) he has a large gap between 1982 and 1998.
However between Dec 1994 and Jan 2001 he was a director at a waste company, Global Specialist Services Limited where a few familiar names are also directors.
Strange this company doesn’t appear on his CV
Top of Form
Bottom of Form
He isn’t currently a director in any UK registered Companies .
Professional CV  (Details from Bank Annual report 2007)
1972-1975 British Auctions Cars – cars dealing, financing and leasing
1975-1982 Freelance for the car industry
1998-2004 Responsible of marketing and development, Société Financière Privée SA
2005 Commercial Manager, SFP Services SA, Geneva
His business roles in 2007 from the same report are:
Member of Board of Directors of the Société Bancaire Privée SA
Director, Wetmore Investments & Co Ltd (Wetmore Foundation)
Director, Kintel Investments Ltd
Director, Sabina Trading Ltd
Director, PGM Propriedades Ltda
Director, Sogip Services Geneva SA, Genève was SFP Services Ltd SA before takeover in 2007

Saturday 15 June 2013

Who is funding Royal Sands

To continue On the request of ONE of our clients as well at the request of Mr. Shaun Keegan, We are pleased to confirm to you that SFP Venture Partners Ltd is owned 100% by SFP Services Limited”. The letter goes onto state “and this company has deposits in excess of £1M....We understand it is set aside for the purposes of the bond in relation to the ongoing development of Royal Sands, Marina Esplanade, Ramsgate”.

To clarify Colin Hill, general manager of SFP Services Ltd, has agreed to pass £1M to TDC as a surety via Shaun Patrick Keegan’s shell company SFP Ventures (UK) ltd.

When the subject of financing the hotel was discussed by TDC and the developers in 2009 TDC relied on a draft letter from SBP (undated) which stated “This letter is to confirm our client Wetmore Investments has funds deposited with the bank to facilitate immediate funding of £5M for the hotel and commercial elements of the Royal Sands at Ramsgate, Kent.” as proof that the funding was in place.

To clarify Wetmore Investments is Colin Hill’s Trust Fund, registered in Lichtenstein, which currently has a 13% stake in this Geneva bank, so Colin seems to be prepared to invest a further £5M into the Royal Sands development to build a hotel.

So is it reasonable to assume the rest of the money that has passed through SFP Ventures (UK) ltd came from the same source. Probably as Colin is a property developer with a track record of using Shaun Keegan as a front man and the financing comes from sources Colin Hill controls.

SFP Ventures (UK) ltd is a shell company and will only realise a profit when the development is finished and sold, therefore any monies must be way of loans to the company repayable from the development’s sale.

What purpose does it serve TDC in saying “we are dealing with SFP Ventures (UK) ltd and Shaun Keegan and have been since 2006”?

If the funding was in place in 2006 for the hotel to be built why hasn’t the work started?