Saturday 29 June 2013

So What has SPK developed Part 2

He recently purchased 50 acres of land in Lowestoft on the waterfront” 

This last stated by Terry Painter in December 2002 however again this statement is a long way from the truth.

Re: Brook Business Park

Brooke Yachts International ceased trading in 1992.
The Receivers were A W Mudd of Billericay Essex.
In 1993 all equipment and items to do with shipbuilding were auctioned.
The site was sold and the current owners (not known) revenue is provided from mooring fees and the letting of buildings ect.
No new structures have been erected.
The future of the site as laid out in the local plan is for mostly residential development.
Peter Hansford,
Brooke Archivist 25/6/2013
Current owners of the site freehold are Flight Services SA (incorporated in Geneva 3rd October 1997) who is owned 100% by Colin Hill who stands to make a large sum of money as the site is up for residential development under the local plan (540 residences)
Anthony William Mudd was the insolvency practitioner and when he died in 2000 his firm of accountants became the Mudd Partnership who coincidentally happens to be Colin Hill and Shaun Patrick Keegan’s accountants.
Further there is a link to a company named Port Properties Corporation ltd who have the same accountants and where Karen Louise Haylock happens to be a director. (She was also a director at Peterborough United Football club between 29th Apr 2003 and 14th Nov 2003 at the same time as Shaun Keegan.
So again instead of Shaun Patrick Keegan being the developer we have Colin Hill the real mastermind behind another development where the beneficial owner is a Swiss based company who hadn’t just purchased the land

Now does that not seem coincidental?


Anonymous said...

Stirling Serendipity!

David Fagg said...

Barry, surely if the "diggings" from yourself (and others from FORS) were presented to the LGO, boltering what ID has already forwarded, with regard to TDC's total incompetence over their due diligence, and the Cheif Exec's admission yesterday that no DD was performed over the TransEuropa fiasco. All these revelations deserve more than just a "slap on the wrist" for TDC's officers!

Anonymous said...

No disrespect to "the diggers", but if your able to find the infomation that points so suspiciously, why can't the professionals do likewise and get action taken. Hopefully not the "can't be bothered" attitude being taken by those we rely on and pay for their lifestyle.

Anonymous said...

What about Painter's role in all of this? Why would he have risked his local reputation and business to front this shambles? Presumably he is being paid?

John Holyer said...

Curiouser and curiouser

God help us said...

anon 23.10 You are quite correct. What seems to be happening is TDC accept at face value anything the developer says without checking its veracity. The cost of identifying this was 1 email and £3 to land registry. The same applies to Transeuropa ferries when they told TDC that an Italian company was going to bail them out. Dr Sue stated in the Gazette that no "due diligence" was performed on the bail out company. So the story of incompetence goes on and on.

God help us said...

anon 23.44 As the people behind SFP reside elsewhere how did they find out about Pleasurama back in 2002. It must have been a local contact.

Anonymous said...

The Samurai say that when a strategy is not working then change strategy.

IE Make the Pleasurama site a liability to its leasehold owners.

Who would buy a dwelling on it ? Could they get insurance.

The current standards of EA flood risk not carried out. the cliff hazard. The increase of hazard from chalk cliffs with climate change. Would you buy there ?

If you are a lender would you lend for property purchase there ?

If you are a developer would you want to buy the site ?

The nice Traveller community could use it for their hols from time to time.

As a development site it is unviable.

Only a fool would have bought it.

The joke is on you Colin and Shaun.

Car park perhaps ? And an annual court order requiring holidaying Travellers to move on.

Witherspoons pub as the local. The pubs police ask to avail themselves to EDL so the EDL congrgate for kettling.

What a site .............