Saturday 7 June 2014


I know TDC are pretty slow and lately they seem to have been in some sort of meltdown however what on earth is going on with serving papers on SFP Ventures (UK) Ltd.

The Development Agreement terminated on the 28th February 2014 and the construction engineer has issued his report so why are we all waiting?

The last I heard it was on Mark Seed's desk awaiting something now I hear it is with Pinsent Mason.

Come on TDC get your backsides in motion else it will be 2017 before anything happens.


Anonymous said...

It now appears that when TDC first appointed Pinsent Mason they did not disclose the full facts relating the Development agreement.

Pinsent Mason were not aware of the many problems on the site that have been caused by TDC not SFP

This is why there is a delay.

God help us said...

"it now appears" what is the source for this comment anon because it is just hot air without a source