Friday 7 March 2014

Golden Balls revisited

Its funny how a crystal ball is good to see into the future and also wonderful how 20/20 hindsight can help with navel gazing.

Two examples of the above that come together nicely are this email sent to Thanet Watch by "mistake"

21 August 2013

Hi Graham/Daniel/Stuart

This chap runs a local blog in Thanet, and I suspect without any doubt his interest in Cardy is fuelled solely by agitators and spoilers who are against the Royal Sands site.
I spoke with this chap (I wonder who this is?) about two months ago,  and at that time it was to put him straight regarding a story he was going to write then about Cardy Construction Ltd being struck off at Companies call to him prevented a negative and damaging story. I doubt he has much of a following, and most of them would be odd.
I do not intend responding by email but I do think I should phone with a "positive" and up beat conversation.
Cardy Healthcare is separate to Cardy Construction Ltd and was a specialist company that we set up to develop and explore opportunities within the Healthcare Sector, including healthcentres, medical centres, GP Surgeries, Pharmacies and Hospitals both in the Private Sector and the NHS. 

This has been a speculative 5 year plan , and our initial investment in this process has proved to have been very successful and we have a secured and confirmed order book of approaching £10million pounds of quality and profitable work.
Let me know your thoughts, I do not intend speaking with him today.
Ironically a took a call from the Chief Exec of TDC yesterday at 4pm. And he asked if he and I could have an "off line" chat re Royal Sands. He does not want lawyers or others involved and felt that me/Cardy and him were the two people in this project that could influence success for the project . Not sure why I have been singled out, but I guess if I can finally pull this one off, I would be Billy Golden Balls.
I am sure it will end up being more hot air. Seeing him at 8.30 this morning. Will update you.
And the following excerpt from the embargoed Cabinet papers dated 20th February 2014 as follows:
"5.4 Within the timescales of drafting  the report to reflect on the recommendations from Scrutiny the council has been approached confidentially by a reputable local business who has expressed a desire to acquire SFP and take the development forward for completion."
The first part is actually factually wrong as the Chief Exec is Sue Macgonical however, if true, it shows the approach was by TDC in August last year not as 5.4 says "within the timescale of drafting the report" but what seems to be worse is the fact that no officer deemed it important enough to tell the Cabinet that they were talking to this "reputable local business" (widely thought to be Cardy the builders) until the publishing of the Cabinet papers. In fact the "Golden Balls" email was portrayed as some sort of fake and dismissed as a publicity stunt by Thanet Watch.
So there are a few questions.
When did officers start negotiations with Cardy?
Who approached who?
How serious had these negotiations got?
Which officer and what director of Cardy where conducting these Negotiations?
When did Cabinet get told and why weren't they part of the negotiations? 


Anonymous said...

It's really very simple. If you are to avoid suspicion of corruption you have to operate in a way which is open and transparent. In practice, what this means is that when ANY member of the council meets with a developer, minutes of the meeting must be kept and must be available for public scrutiny when the time is appropriate.

God help us said...

Hi Tom email is on the page