Wednesday 10 July 2013

So Far So Good

So we have looked at the situation that got us to this point in time. To clarify for those that haven’t read the proceeding blogs:
1.       In 2002 TDC chose an unknown with no development skills instead of a known architect who had offered a swimming pool and an arts area.
2.       The formal offer was written on the headed notepaper of a local estate agent.
3.       The chosen developer was the front man for SFP Venture Partners probably based abroad.
4.       TDC has never proved Shaun Patrick Keegan is really Shaun Keegan nor have they ever identified where he lives.
5.       The chosen partner for the Hotel (Whitbread) had pulled out less than a month after they were proposed as lead partner.
6.       Many TDC Councillors said their choice was swayed by Whitbread being on board.
7.       The architects FRC Fewster didn’t last long enough to apply for planning permission.
8.       The proposed builders Featherstone Construction went bust.
9.       Planning permission was submitted by the Robert Leonard Group on 28th November 2003.
10.   Planning was approved on 28th January 2004 without any Public Consultation
11.   SFP Ventures (UK) Ltd was incorporated in January 2006 to give the developer credibility with TDC.
12.   An agreement was entered into in 2006 between SFP and TDC to build one item was a Bond of £5.6M to protect TDC. SFP were unable to find anyone to underwrite this Bond.
13.   A new agreement was negotiated in 2009 agreeing to cancel the Bond in exchange for a £1M surety. This was paid by way of Lichtenstein, Geneva, and the Nat West Bank.
14.    The money seems to have been paid by SFP Services (registered in Geneva) and managed by Colin Hill, Shaun Keegan’s son in law.
15.   The £550K for the leases seems to have been paid from the same source.
16.   SFP Venture Partners is 100% owned by SFP Services run by Colin Hill a serial land banker.
17.   SFP say they have the money and they have spent £5m so far.
18.   SFP say the Council are being obstructive.
19.   Rumour says Estate Agent and builder both need the project to succeed.

There you go summary up to date.   Following it so far
There are some people that believe that TDC has lost all credibility with the electorate and there are Councillors that believe it as well.
Many believe that Shaun Keegan doesn’t even exist, certainly there is no documentary evidence of his name and address, funnily enough the estate agent didn’t check his details either “I left that to my solicitor” was his response when I asked.
The pressure is mounting on TDC and the build deadline is less than 7 months away.
An impasse has developed between TDC and Keegan, one with an eye on the ballot box and the other concerned about their “land banking “scheme getting away from them.

So People of Thanet what do you want to happen next?


God help us said...
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Nicholas Cooper said...

Maintain the pressure on TDC to register the continuing public displeasure with both TDC and SFP Ventures.
TDC are being asked to amend the September 2009 Agreement by SFP, supposedly to enable them to continue the project.
It is very clear that the vast majority of people do not want this development on their precious seafront, which will be taken from Public Ownership if SFP ever get their way.
The public must be urged to write to the officers and politicians at TDC, urging them not to amend the agreement in any way.

Anonymous said...

Picking up on one of your comments re Mr Keegan and Terrence Painter Under the money laundering act Terrence Painter has an obligation to check the validity of his client, although the transaction started before the act came in, the subsequent additions post 2008, mean that he should make the necessary checks as laid out below from the excerpt of the OFT

Under the money laundering act an Estate Agent is required to put in place anti-money laundering controls in order to
anticipate and prevent your business being used by criminals to launder
money and fund terrorism.

They must:
• confirm a customer's identity before entering into a business
relationship or occasional transaction with them and obtain information
on the purpose or nature of the business relationship
• conduct ongoing monitoring of the business relationship as appropriate
to ensure that transactions are consistent with there knowledge of the
customer and the customer's business
• keep records obtained in establishing a customers' identity and of
business relationships for five years
• put in place checks, controls and procedures in order to anticipate and
prevent money laundering or terrorist financing
• train staff in those procedures and in the law relating to money
laundering and terrorist financing
• appoint a nominated officer or money laundering reporting officer
(MLRO). The MLRO should receive and consider internal disclosures of
suspicious activity from within an agents business and make suspicious
activity reports to the Serious Organised Crime Agency
• if a sole trader with no employees, the agent you does not have to appoint
a MLRO but will have to carry out the MLRO activity.
These requirements (or obligations) should be carried out on a risk
sensitive basis. This means that an agent should identify the risks or likelihood
that your business may be used to launder money or fund terrorism. The
extent that you implement these controls may be enhanced where you
have identified increased risks. The OFT's guidance gives some examples
of factors to help you assess risks.

i have only posted this as anonymous as i cant workk the url part my Name is Brian Handley

Anonymous said...

I won't be using Terence Painter to advertise any of my properties and I will be encouraging friends and colleagues to boycott his firm. He fronted this outfit.

Anonymous said...

It is clear that TDC are not fit for purpose. No public consultation? None for the west wood cross project, sweeping local business and community down the drain. I think the only consultation done was with the super markets and chain retailers.