Tuesday 18 June 2013

The money man controlling SFP and Shaun Patrick Keegan - Serial "property developer" COLIN HILL

So what does the internet say about Colin Hill the "businessman"
Born in 1954
Colin Hill, a millionaire listed in the Sunday Times Rich List, has been criticised of ‘a fraud in equity’ in trying to take the home of a 95 year old widow. According to the Sunday Times Rich List, Mr Hill is said to be worth £200 million pounds, with a Suffolk mansion said to be worth £15 million.
"The judgment of the court is devastating for Colin Hill – although not a criminal sanction or criminal matter, the court has essentially called the whole matter a ‘fraud’. Mr Hill is said to be a businessman. This case had almost nothing to do with business, and appears more like theft of a pensioner’s house. One has to ask how Mr Hill managed this."
“He is a self made property developer, who doesn’t like football” these are the words of Barry Fry manager of Peterborough United. Well he certainly likes the land attached to football clubs. Other clubs his name has been linked to:
With brother Garry and business partner Keith Cousins.
Educated at a Grammar school in North London
Lives in a 10 bed mansion in Stutton, Suffolk.
Even on his official CV (below) he has a large gap between 1982 and 1998.
However between Dec 1994 and Jan 2001 he was a director at a waste company, Global Specialist Services Limited where a few familiar names are also directors.
Strange this company doesn’t appear on his CV
Top of Form
Bottom of Form
He isn’t currently a director in any UK registered Companies .
Professional CV  (Details from Bank Annual report 2007)
1972-1975 British Auctions Cars – cars dealing, financing and leasing
1975-1982 Freelance for the car industry
1998-2004 Responsible of marketing and development, Société Financière Privée SA
2005 Commercial Manager, SFP Services SA, Geneva
His business roles in 2007 from the same report are:
Member of Board of Directors of the Société Bancaire Privée SA
Director, Wetmore Investments & Co Ltd (Wetmore Foundation)
Director, Kintel Investments Ltd
Director, Sabina Trading Ltd
Director, PGM Propriedades Ltda
Director, Sogip Services Geneva SA, Genève was SFP Services Ltd SA before takeover in 2007


Anonymous said...

The ongoing saga of the Pleasurama site on Ramsgate seafront was featured in Friday's Thanet Gazette. Interesting that Broadstairs estate agent, Terrence Painter, ex-Chairman of Ramsgate Town Partnership, ex-Chairman of Margate Town Partnership and if the Margate rumour mill is correct, now also ex-Chairman of Margate Town Team has criticised Thanet District Council for having concerns regarding developers SFP and their experience in developments of this scale.

Anonymous said...

Time to call in the police fraud squad and public accounts inspectors.
'We must give them more time' ... after 10 years of sweet FA.
What a loada bollox!

Anonymous said...

I remember going to an auction in Thanet during the 84 Miners strike.

Tools, meters etc.

The jolly auctioneer entertained the throng by an announcement that Arthur Scargill had suffered a heart attack then added "Unfortunately just a minor one". Guffaw guffaw.

Then he said "Asset stripping is now the name of the game". I wanted to buy some electrical test gear. Bottom line asset stripped equipment fell into my meagre price range.

It seems to me that Colin Hill is the ultimate child of Thatcher.

The laughably inept team at TDC got into the market place with the wrong Thatcherite barrow boy and, not surprisingly, the barrow boy contrived a win win situation for himself.

TDC should commission a survey of the former Marina Pool. A load bearing structure on the foreshore. Structural failure after 50 years. Then find a reason to knock out the planning consent for Pleasurama ?

Barrow boy contest ? Get on the cobbles and go for the low blow ... to the wallet.

Anonymous said...

The thing that concerns me is that the same people who got us into this mess are in charge of getting us out of it. I don't trust them to be honest and I don't trust them not to make further mistakes. I would like a complete change of personnel (officers and councillors) and I would like to see a plain-speaking report into what has gone on. A good person to chair the new team would be Jack Cohen. I'm sure he would gte to the bottom of it.

John Holyer said...

Anonymous 10:57,

I would not be surprised to find that Jack Cohen agreed with you. What is about Jack Cohen that makes you consider him the man for the job?

Though it matters neither here nor there, but just out of interest do you know Jack Cohen personally?

God help us said...

A little correction. Terence Painter was never Chairman of Ramsgate Town Partnership he was on the board for up to the last two years of its life. It was thought he had Ramsgate's best interests at heart as facilitator for the Royal Sands Development

Anonymous said...

Best thing that could happen if u ask me let Royal sands continue

Anonymous said...

Colin Hill went to John Hampden Secondary Modern School in east Barnet. I was in the same class.