Saturday 22 June 2013

So what has Shaun Patrick Keegan ever developed

So what has Shaun Patrick Keegan actually developed?
In December 2002 Terry Painter stated “He is currently developing 280 apartments and villas in Portugal and is actively seeking investment and development opportunities in the UK.  He recently purchased 50 acres of land in Lowestoft on the waterfront, and is also developing 60 town houses on the River Colne in Colchester
On the 18th April 2013 in a full Council meeting Alan Poole stated “The sole shareholder of this company has been involved in numerous projects through other companies since 1987 in a number of different roles within the development process including: House builds and refurbishments at Thetford, several around Ipswich, Camspsea Ashe, Coddenham, Elmsett, Rougham, Wrentham, Stutton and others around Suffolk, as well as Hackney, Colchester and Burwell. In addition, there have been offices and warehousing, a hospital wing at Bury St Edmunds, a factory unit at Colchester, and a new technology complex at Framlingham
Ignoring the fact that these lists do not contain any specific addresses, which makes verifying difficult, there is a nugget of information allowing some to be identified.
“a new technology complex at Framlington”
Surprise, surprise no sign of Keegan or Hill ever on the board of directors of the Technology Complex however there is a name on the list of directors I recognise, Kim Featherstone, who was announced in December 2002 as the preferred builder of Pleasurama and also co-director of Lockins Construction Ltd along with Karen Louise Haylock and Keith Cousins (Colin Hill’s business partner), coincidentally the registered address used is Shaun Keegan’s accountant’s address (the only time Kim uses the Lakeview address).
Strange that this is on the list seeing as it is a small village in Suffolk where, according to a contact, little happens but coincidentally this is where Colin Hill resides in a £15M 10 bedroom mansion (called Stutton House) which has recently undergone a major refurbishment.
Also coincidentally, according to the electoral roll, until fairly recently the residence of Jennifer and Natalie Wood, the partner of Shaun Keegan, residing at the “Coach House” which lies in the grounds of Stutton House.
When more comes to light I will carry on here.