Sunday 9 June 2013

In the Beginning

In their wisdom Thanet District Council decided in late 2002 to market the former Pleasurama site.
They had just succeeded in wresting back the site from the late Jimmy Godden after a contentious Court battle and now had the chance to do something for the people of Ramsgate.
What they then proceeded to do next is so serious it could almost be funny if it was happening to another Council.
In 2002 they released a document called snappily “The Ramsgate Renaissance Commercial Development Opportunity”.
This was a well written plan for the revival of Ramsgate Main Sands which they then proceeded to completely ignore in the choosing of their preferred partner to develop Pleasurama.
This chosen partner was SFP Venture Partners (alleged to be registered in the British Virgin Islands) and headed by the mysterious Shaun Patrick Keegan.
What do we know about this alleged developer SFP Ventures (UK) LTD?
Firstly, according to an email from the TDC’s legal adviser, they hold no relevant detail. In other words absolutely nothing useful should they need to take the site back.
No useful information beyond their current shell company’s registered address, currently their accountant’s offices in Billericay, ESSEX. On their headed notepaper they also use the address BROOKE PARK, HEATH ROAD, LOWESTOFT, SUFFOLK, NR33 9LZ the site office of which confirmed all their mail is forwarded on by the office manager.

So nothing useful there!!!

What about Shaun Patrick KEEGAN himself?

No passport or driving licence details proving he is actually Shaun Keegan?
No Utility bill or similar showing where he lives? (Essential if TDC take the legal route)
So we have a mysterious developer who doesn’t seem to live anywhere? And what about any business dealings he has been involved in? More later!!!
What Ramsgate residents want to know is:
Why this Plan?
Why this Developer?
What happens when you finally see sense and try to get this site back?


Anonymous said...

this is a good insight in laymans terms, we all need to understand it all without having to learn politics first. well done keep up the info

Anonymous said...

gays run Thanet

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Solo Gays said...

I wish 14.44

Anonymous said...

there is no reasoning as to why the tdc havnt done any checks into who this so-called man is. they get paid too much to make soo many bad decisions. :-( its a good story to be told, this needs to be out there in citizen language, no hidden agendas, just plain old truths! SHAME ON THANET DISTRICT COUNCIL FOR NOT DOING THEIR WELL PAID JOBS! xxkandyxx