Thursday 20 April 2017

19 years wasted

May 26th will see the 19th anniversary of the fire that destroyed Pleasurama. 19 wasted years will claim and counter claim. The alleged "firestarter" is no longer with us but his legacy remains.

credit John Weatherly

Credit John Weatherly

credit Paul Narramore

What a waste of the last 19 years.

So what happened to Mike Stannard the man who the Labour Councillors said would resurrect this building site? Well it seems Mike Stannard has joined the list of Labour Councilors in being shafted by the real "puppeteers" behind this landbanking scheme. Today (because Companies House makes it hard to hide behind foreign companies) we have "persons with significant control" documents. This is the Company documents of the Ramsgate Development Company Ltd which clearly show the 100 shares are in the name of Albert Hollis (Colin Hill's tame ex accountant) but significant control is held by Colin Hill and his son Robbie James Hill.

You will note that their address is in Switzerland however Stutton House near Ipswich is where they live when in England. Current value circa £25M a far cry from the mess they have caused on Ramsgate Seafront.
Currently the people of Ramsgate and UKIP TDC is being held to ransom by these two men and legally there is nothing that can be done.


Anonymous said...

A $1 CPO by TDC would end it? Are any of our new councilors saying that?

God help us said...

What a strange remark firstly it's £ not $ and secondly you are describing theft

Anonymous said...

The Manston sale was $1? And how is a CPO theft?

You point out yourself the TDC sale was to Stannard not Hill?

God help us said...

When did this conversation move to Manston? and it was £1 not $1. I suggest you learn how a CPO works.
The sale was to Cardy Ramsgate ltd which at the time was owned by Stannard. He has been usurped by Hill

Anonymous said...

When you say "usurped" Barry you're saying it wasn't a legal sale? And now you're saying CPO is not theft?

God help us said...

Have you read up on CPO's?

No details of any money changing hands has been published, I suggest you contact Stannard.

Anonymous said...

Yes on CPOs have you? They are theft or are they not in your view?

If it's not theft what exactly are you saying Barry in your usurpation?

TDC or Stannard gave the site to Colin Hill?

Anonymous said...

Didn't you say TDC had received £3M for the site Barry?

Anonymous said...

Has no one still not been arrested or charged for this act? I remember the night it went up, I was looking over the cliff edge at what was my childhood going up in flames, like so many others childhoods

God help us said...

They received £3.515M and it was sold to a company who'se only director and shareholder was Stannard. It didn't take long for Stannard to relinquish his ownership to Colin Hill and his son. People might think it was preordained but who am I to add to his bank balance

Anonymous said...

Which councilor approved the £3.5M sale? And in whose area is Pleasurama?

Bob Bayford and Terence Painter must have something to say o it?