Tuesday 23 August 2016

Post freehold purchase

If you cast your mind back to a previous blog http://pleasurama.blogspot.co.uk/2016/08/the-gift-that-keeps-on-giving.html

"What is abundantly clear is TDC complete on the sale of the Freehold thereby absolving themselves from any further interest in the ownership of the site. Now all they have to do is hope the Development Agreement to build is watertight and that Mike Stannard can actually build out the site because if he cannot the ball is firmly back in TDC's hands assuming they have a watertight Development Agreement. (Something they have a poor track record of enforcing)"

Well further information has arrived in my mailbox and a quick check on Companies House has given up the following information.

 Seems that Stannard has resigned from SFP and Colin Hill's tame accountant has taken over. The Company has changed name and the registered address has gone back to where it started from. So what happened to Cardy Ramsgate Ltd the real owner of the freehold
Well Colin Hill has finally stuffed TDC, Stannard has gone and it's all in Colin Hill's hands so how will TDC enforce the built.

Q 4. What provisions are in place to ensure that the site will be developed? 

In the agreement, there is a long-stop date of three and a half years with measurable milestones, by which the site must be developed. If it is not developed then the council has an option to buy it back. The first milestone relates to the completion of piling (and certified practical completion of that piling) for the hotel within two years. The second milestone relates to completion of the building works so they are ready to be fitted out within three and a half years. If those milestones are not met, the council has an option to purchase the site back from Cardy Ramsgate Limited. 

 Note the agreement signed by the previous Labour administration forces TDC to buy their own site back if it isn't developed. Now remind me isn't that what happened to Peterborough Council in 2010. It cost them £8M to get their land back and it cost Hill nowt. Nice little earner. http://pleasurama.blogspot.co.uk/2013/06/making-easy-5-million.html

From this

To this

A prediction Hill will not build and he will hold out for the next 3 and a half years and force TDC to pay him circa £10M to get the site back.

I would like to say a belated well done (sarcasm) to Iris Johnson, David Green and Rick Everitt for selling TDC and the people of Ramsgate down the river. For what? circa £3.5M over 7 years. what will it cost in lost revenue? who bloody knows.
For Stephanie, this is the conservation area. Pleasurama is outside of it


Anonymous said...

So Mr Hill and co builds nothing!and then TDC has to buy back giving Mr Hill?? Profit,that sounds like coruption to me.

Anonymous said...

TDC can simply tear up the contract now as the developer has changed. No court would enforce it after all the delays. It does raise questions over TDC's competence and the role of Painter and Bayford etc

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:32 If only life were that simple. BTW do you know who the developer is?

Anonymous said...

If only that toxic troll,John Davis, could find that b****y "Covenant". Will that make any difference, I think not!

Anonymous said...

16:19 you think the contract can't be torn up - why do you think that? The developer is Terence Painter isn't it?

Unknown said...

Don't play poker against Mr Colin Hill. Only lesson TDC might learn here.

I see on Facebook that Stuart Piper wonders when Riveroak will talk to TDC. Maybe wonder why they ain't ?? Don't wait TDC to find out what happens next eh ?

Anonymous said...

Is there a longstop on the Pavilion now Wetherspoon have stalled? A huge pub is awful

God help us said...

Richard why should Colin Hill talk to TDC. The owner of Cardy Ramsgate Ltd hasn't changed (yet)

Unknown said...

Riveroak not talking to TDC Barry. A further example of TDC letting the other side run the show.

Stuart was wondering what possible cause of action for damages RO could have against TDC. Mind boggles.

Stephanie flower said...

Has anyone complained to an Obudsman about this? Looks like the council are not doing their job protecting a historical conservation area. They could stop development of the site of they wanted on an conservation basis

Although The Town and Country Planning (General Permitted Development) Order 2015 (GPDO) (3) allows certain minor developments to take place without specific consent, this is more restricted in conservation areas.
Local planning authorities may withdraw permitted development rights for a prescribed range of developments that affect the external appearance of buildings in a conservation area by the use of a direction under Article 4 of the GPDO.

God help us said...

When you read back through the blog you will see that in 2004 when planning was granted no organisation (such as English Heritage) objected as this area lies outside of their remit. Once granted and work having been started this planning remains. It would take a further application from someone else to overturn the original planning.

Anonymous said...

09:07 obviously it could now be cancelled after the years of delay and corruption. How did Sands Hotel get TDC to pay a £1M fine for Dreamland? When will those details be released by TDC?

God help us said...

It certainly isn't obvious without court action. TDC no longer own the land so a CPO is the only way forward. TDC have to abide by the Law unlike some anon's who post on here

Unknown said...

I would say that TDC did not abide by law in AARHUS Convention, in statutory duties or in duties of disclosure to obtain injunction against Ian Driver.

At this time Iris Johnston has replied refusing to answer.

Since Stuart Piper is the ward Cllr for most affected area I have emailed him copies of my emails to Iris. Hoping (But not holding my breath waiting) for Chris Wells to take legal advice.

I have emailed National Planning, re Manston and RO, for Section 51 advice and wait to see what that will be.