Monday 29 February 2016

who is Barry Spearing

Its a long time since I posted anything on Pleasurama but after having a call I couldn't help but be amused at the hospitality that has been extended to Barry Spearing by the money man Colin Hill.

Link to East Anglian Daily Times from 2009

What a nice man Colin is bailing out a man trying to avoid his creditors over £1.9M ? Having handed over property worth £390K to pay off a debt? that the police can find no evidence of to Colin Hill

“In anticipation of bankruptcy he rearranged his assets to his best advantage and those close to him to the detriment of creditors who were left with nothing,” said James Pavry, prosecuting.
He said Spearing gave the deeds for three properties he owned in Kessingland and Lowestoft to a friend as security for a £75,000 loan and then asked his solicitors to apply for new land certificates, claiming he had lost the original documents.
Once the certificates were replaced he sold six properties, including his own six bedroom home the Old Rectory in Pakefield, for only £890,000 to a man called Colin Hill."

What a nice man Colin Hill must be


Anonymous said...

This is all new to myself what have these men todo with Pleasurama?

God help us said...

I suggest you read one of the 1st blogs on this subject

Anonymous said...

OK I'll read it then ask whots whot,Thax.

Anonymous said...

Barry i have no questons on this matter,Best of luck on this one.