Sunday 22 December 2013


Has the Council decided to protect their reputation instead of getting it right 1st time?

Currently they are awaiting sight of Legal advice on 2 separate but distinct issues.

Firstly what will happen in the aftermath of the 2006 & 2009 development agreements running out on the 28th February 2014.

This issue is clouded by the 3 X 199 year leases sold to SFP Ventures (UK) Ltd in 2009 (The same development Keegan says they have spent £5M on)

Secondly the developer has requested a change to the agreement removing a legal protection from the said agreement because they (Keegan) say it will help them get a finance package.

So is this developer the "only game in town" or should TDC tell them to get lost?


Solo Gays said...

I am a bit suspicious of this tactic of "let the people decide". I think ongoing decisions should lie with those who are responsible for taking us into this agreement, after all, they haven't resigned over it have they?

God help us said...

I think Solo the people are not having any decisions put their way. It is a decision for Cabinet to make we just hope they make the right one and remove the current developer and start again

SunRay said...

When have TDC managed to get a decent reputation wort saving. Why don't they listen to the people who've said get rid of SFP and move on? What was stipulated in these leases to be done and in what timescale? Hasn't the developer let the deal slip to such a point that he'd be wise just to hand it back quitely and let TDC put something in there that fits public wishes. Aren't TDC going to rile the public by carrying on with the ill concieved plans at any cost & with no stretching of the imagination? How much of this is just a smoke screen to enable foul deeds to be carried on out of sight of the public eye? Will a delay allow some members of the original set up to get back on scene? We the public know the deal stinks, a clean cut asap is wanted to allow a return of Ramsgate seafront to viability, versatility and vitality.

Anonymous said...

I think if we let the people decide they would vote to allow the project to start. Jobs for our youngsters, posperity for the Town
Get on with it

Stop driving investment away

Anonymous said...

TDC has had the opportunity to sort this out. In fact, the council has had multiple opportunities over a protracted period of time. I'm not prepared to give them any more time and, frankly, given their track record I really don't trust them to sort it out. In my opinion, the current agenda is not being driven by a desire to sort things out. It's being driven by a desire to protect the idiots who got us into this mess. As far as I'm concerned we need to pull the plug and we need to demand full disclosure over who did what, when and why. I can't believe we could reach this situation with nobody being accountable or responsible. Laura Sandys should be demanding a public inquiry.

God help us said...

Anon 15:24 The people do not have a say in it, mores the pity. Nobody is being driven away, the developer currently wants TDC to remove some legal protections from the current agreement. In your opinion should TDC reduce the protection for a developer that has been economical with the truth thus far?